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Witney revisited- our first unassisted swarm capture and our third colony.

Harry and I returned to the swarm site in Witney and this time they were there. They had revisited the their bush and were huddling around a very thick branch. We eventually managed to saw the branch off and place … Continue reading

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Community spirit

On Monday, we had a top bar nuc of bees to give away. Reason being, after splitting one TBH (which as Sue found did not prevent swarming but no matter, plenty left), we perforce ended up with one sub-colony using … Continue reading

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Photos of swarm collecting

Trying to put my photos for this previous post on the site, there are seven photos – hope you like them! Helen

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Meeting 19th May

The chilly easterly subsided and hives were opened! Having prepared both icing sugar and smoker it was wonderful to find that the bees were well tempered and all that was needed was gentle handling.  I moved a colony from a … Continue reading

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Bearding or Massive clearance sale on drones?

A week on from the hive split and I noticed a lot of bees on the outside of the hive I split. See how the other hive, in the background of this picture, has no “beard” outside the entrance? If … Continue reading

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Splitting a TBH

In my area, there have been fairly constant showers recently and poor forage opportunities, so swarming preparations  seem to have been a little delayed this year for my hives. But both my TBH’s are bursting with bees and last weekend … Continue reading

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OBKA visit to Top Bar apiary

I mentioned in a previous post that our local branch of the BBKA, the Oxfordshire Bee Keeping Association, were planning to visit our apiary (that’s two hives in a modest garden). Lo, it has come to pass, and here is … Continue reading

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