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ONBG visit to Rosybee Nurseries, 25th June 2016

On a typical English summers day (a bit wet) 24 of us converged on Rosybee Nurseries in south Oxfordshire to learn about their research on bee-friendly plants from proprietor – and beekeeper – Rosi Rollings. Her work covers aspects not … Continue reading

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Portugese bees

I just returned from holiday. Amazing how once you’re attuned to a subject, you begin noticing it everywhere. For example at a beach restaurant, wasps ignored all other dishes – even honey-and-fig cakes – and targeted ones with shellfish in … Continue reading

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So why do Bees build hexagonal honeycombs?

I was not even thinking about this until a friend posted a link to this explanation. What is it about bees and hexagons? Originally published on Wed May 15, 2013 8:18 am By Robert Krulwich   Enlarge image Credit Robert Krulwich / … Continue reading

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First flying day of the year

Feb 14th, north Oxfordshire. Our village is in a gentle valley which acts as a bit of a frost pocket – generally colder and damper than south Oxfordshire. Today, the sun shone brightly, there was no wind or rain, the … Continue reading

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Bees and Biosecurity: Simple measures to control infections and keeping the bees happy.

Trees and Bees, the obvious top bar link. I have been promising to write something up for the blog for a few weeks now. What with the recent furore over Ash Die Back and other tree diseases its been one … Continue reading

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Good news, bad news, robber screens and bee stings

Hello All, Well its been an interesting time indeed. First of all my hive was robbed of honey in less than two days by bees from a group of 5 hives placed on the farm near me. I am told … Continue reading

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Ants, Slugs, Late season swarms and some odd looking things…….

Hello All, Its been over a week since the Black Bees were moved into the TBH and last Sunday I decided to inspect them to get an idea as to how they were adapting to their new territory. It turned … Continue reading

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