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My hive inspection following swarms

Thought people might be interested in my inspection of my two hives this afternoon. The aim was to find out what was happening as both hives have swarmed recently. I had not inspected inside the hives since 20 March.

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Good news, bad news, robber screens and bee stings

Hello All, Well its been an interesting time indeed. First of all my hive was robbed of honey in less than two days by bees from a group of 5 hives placed on the farm near me. I am told … Continue reading

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Tale of a failed queen, and how the colony fared

We started the year with two more or less identical TBH’s. By May both were bursting with bees. Strangely while one never produced queen cells, the other produced loads of them, and we did a split to discourage it swarming … Continue reading

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Ants, Slugs, Late season swarms and some odd looking things…….

Hello All, Its been over a week since the Black Bees were moved into the TBH and last Sunday I decided to inspect them to get an idea as to how they were adapting to their new territory. It turned … Continue reading

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