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New research on natural selection and honey bee health

An interesting paper by heavyweight apiology researchers Professor Peter Neumann and Dr Tjeerd Blacquière is being published in the mainstream, peer reviewed research journal Evolutionary Applications. The paper recommends major changes to beekeeping practises in order to address various health … Continue reading

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Pesticide-related confusion in pollinators and politicians — by Stirling Conservation Science

By Penelope Whitehorn of Stirling Conservation Science – “I arrived confused about this topic and I will leave as confused as ever.” This was the parting comment from the only MP in the room and not the outcome we were … Continue reading

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DWV research – bee samples required

Deformed Wing Virus (DWV), while around for many years, has become a significant problem for honey bees following the rise of varroa mites which facilitate the transferrral of the more virulent form of this pathogen. Several research projects have been … Continue reading

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Wisdom from an old beekeeper – especially on varroa

I recently had the pleasure of meeting Ron Hoskins, who has been keeping bees since 1943 (over 70 years!). He has been on the BBKA executive committee, trained lots of new beekeepers, and is well known, firstly, for his conservation … Continue reading

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Interesting tidbits

I have finally managed to digest the 53 page document at the core of DEFRA’s public consultation on improving honey bee health. It’s a mass of cross-references, repeated / scattered data and stop-start-in-another-place themes – almost as if they didn’t … Continue reading

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Zombie flies and why we are lucky to live in the UK

A friend in Washington State, USA sent me a link to an article relating to zombie flies. Actually the flies are decapitating flies because that is apparently what they do to honeybees. However we are seeing an unprecedented rise in invasive … Continue reading

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Another new pesticide study

In broad agreement with the recent British and French studies, this new study in the US also indicates that the neonicotinid Imidacloprid is a cause of colony collapse: New pesticide link to sudden decline in bee population – The Independent.

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