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ONBG meeting, 16th Nov 2017 – insulation, honey and mites

On a winter’s evening a dozen folk gathered at the Victoria Arms in Oxford to discuss, you guessed it, bees and beekeeping. Jack had brought along the heat-vision FLIR camera he used to photograph his hives’ heat profile in a … Continue reading

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New research on natural selection and honey bee health

An interesting paper by heavyweight apiology researchers Professor Peter Neumann and Dr Tjeerd Blacquière is being published in the mainstream, peer reviewed research journal Evolutionary Applications. The paper recommends major changes to beekeeping practises in order to address various health … Continue reading

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DWV research – bee samples required

Deformed Wing Virus (DWV), while around for many years, has become a significant problem for honey bees following the rise of varroa mites which facilitate the transferrral of the more virulent form of this pathogen. Several research projects have been … Continue reading

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Making a shook swarm

Although natural beeks employ a low intervention approach, there can come times when some direct intervention may be appropriate. I do not use miticides, rather allowing the colonies to utilise natural selection to find those that have the right behaviours … Continue reading

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ONBG meeting, 19th March 2016

11 people met at Alison’s in Cumnor to discuss plans for the new beekeeping season, eat biscuits, examine her Top Bar Hive and discuss winter survival, including mouseguards, feeding and varroa. We started by discussing feeding. This is the time … Continue reading

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Spreading the Bee Buzz #6 – Spring cleaning

Below is the latest in our series on beekeeping for the village magazine. Having covered the basics last year, with an article every 2 months, we’re now going into things in a bit more detail, but still writing in a … Continue reading

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Trends in beekeeping #2

This is a wide-ranging article, part of an occasional series, intended to touch on recent developments in beekeeping that have caught my attention – discussion welcomed! Topics covered here include: Hygienic behaviour Varroa virus blocking – important new research just … Continue reading

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