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ONBG meeting and apiary visit, 10th Sept 2016

Over the course of an occasionally rainy afternoon 18 people dropped by Paul’s house and apiary in the village of Steeple Aston to discuss Autumn tasks, winter stores assessment, feeding, harvesting, and observe various Warré and Top Bar hives and … Continue reading

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Bee keeping in Guatemala

While trawling through the latest Permaculture Institute of Australia newsletter I came across an entertaining article on beekeeping in Guatemala. The location is a bit unique but besides that it would appear that they suffer with similar problems to us … Continue reading

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Drones out! and No more syrup!

I have been obediently following advice and feeding my bees as they really needed a lot of stores – everything was very lightweight in August when I last checked them. Every day a 750ml jar of thick syrup was emptied … Continue reading

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Good news, bad news, robber screens and bee stings

Hello All, Well its been an interesting time indeed. First of all my hive was robbed of honey in less than two days by bees from a group of 5 hives placed on the farm near me. I am told … Continue reading

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Wasp season begins

Our wasp traps are beginning to catch wasps in North Oxfordshire. Time to hang out wasp traps to protect your hives if you have not already done so. This could be a useful indicator of Oxfordshire microclimates. I know our … Continue reading

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