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Natural Bee Husbandry – a new journal for our community

Natural Bee Husbandry – The International Journal for Bee-Centred Husbandry is a new quarterly journal focused entirely on low intervention, sustainable, bee-centred beekeeping. It is being launched next month by Northern Bee Books  at £20 a year for print (UK), … Continue reading

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So you want to to know what food products bees really do pollinate?

Well lets try food for a start…..If all the food pollinated by bees suddenly stopped being pollinated then the picture via the link below is what you would see in your supermarket. http://grist.org/list/this-is-what-your-supermarket-would-look-like-if-all-the-bees-died-off/?utm_campaign=daily&utm_medium=email&utm_source=newsletter&sub_email=kevin918coleman%40btinternet.com

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Why ‘natural’ beekeeping could save our honey-making friends – Telegraph

Why ‘natural’ beekeeping could save our honey-making friends – Daily Telegraph article.

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Black honeybees ‘rediscovered’ in Britain

The native black honeybee, feared to have died out in all but the remote reaches of northern Britain, has been found in north Wales, east Anglia and as far south as West Sussex… Black honeybees rediscovered in Britain | Environment … Continue reading

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Another new pesticide study

In broad agreement with the recent British and French studies, this new study in the US also indicates that the neonicotinid Imidacloprid is a cause of colony collapse: New pesticide link to sudden decline in bee population – The Independent.

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Planting plans for a bee garden

Here is an article on making a bee garden and some lovely pics of bee-friendly flowers from today’s Telegraph Planting plans for a bee garden: Put a buzz in your beds – Telegraph. Bee friendly flowers. Enjoy!

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Pesticides linked to honeybee decline

Recent news article on British/French studies on the effect of Imidacloprid on bee health: Pesticides linked to honeybee decline | Environment | The Guardian.

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