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Winter is coming

The Winter Cycle It’s getting cold at night – time to fit mouse guards! You may see dark stains or frost on landing boards early in the morning – this is the humid breath of the hive condensing as it … Continue reading

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Winter survival surveys show ‘treatment-free’ works

Each May OxNatBees surveys our members for information on winter losses. This graph shows losses year by year, compared with other surveys. The stand-out point is that our losses for untreated hives populated by local bees (blue “ONBG” line) are … Continue reading

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Spreading the Bee Buzz #10 – Surviving Winter

The latest in our series on beekeeping for a village magazine – written for non-beekeepers, and to suit the broad range of ages and knowledge among the readers. Over winter insect life disappears from our gardens. The frosts have killed … Continue reading

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Observations with an Infrared Camera

The seasons are turning: we have days of fireworks and poppies, of squirrels skittish on ripe conkers, and clock-hours turning back. I worry about the bees. As I walk, misty-breathed beside the Thames, I think of them huddled together in … Continue reading

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Spreading the Bee Buzz #6 – Spring cleaning

Below is the latest in our series on beekeeping for the village magazine. Having covered the basics last year, with an article every 2 months, we’re now going into things in a bit more detail, but still writing in a … Continue reading

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Top Bar Hives in January

Although the buzz word (sorry about that) these days seems to be Warre, I thought Top Bar Hive operators who lack a window might like a peek inside a happy hive at this time of year. Points of note: The … Continue reading

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