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Grow, shake or drum? Transferring bees between hive types

Recently a question was raised on the OxNatBees members’ mailing list on how to transfer bees from one hive type to another where the bars are incompatible, in this case from a National deep brood box to a Warré. The … Continue reading

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Moving hives less than 3 miles

The “3 foot / 3 mile” rule-of-thumb refers to how if you move a hive more than 3 feet, sometimes returning foragers cannot find it. Their internal maps are so precise they get confused, and keep looking where the entrance … Continue reading

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New bees update

I spent a lot of time observing the bees this morning and wanted to share my findings with the group for comments and guidance.  As some of the flying bees had been returning to where the hive had been originally … Continue reading

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First bees

On wednesday, 23rd May, I had a call from Harry that a ‘pestaker’ was bringing a swarm from Tetbury about 40 minutes away.  I dashed over to Shilton and waited to usher the ‘pestaker into the drive’  He arrived in a BMW and … Continue reading

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I was wondering whether the split in my colony on Saturday would definitely lessen the urge to swarm and it seems from Lynne’s post it may not! Don’t know what to suggest Lynne- how frustrating. Perhaps the popcorn might be … Continue reading

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Swarming from split and multiple casts

Yesterday the hive that Paul split – see previous post – swarmed from the ‘original’ colony half. So the split didn’t make them feel any less like swarming- but hey, I’m telling myself it’s just a good strong colony maybe… … Continue reading

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Bearding or Massive clearance sale on drones?

A week on from the hive split and I noticed a lot of bees on the outside of the hive I split. See how the other hive, in the background of this picture, has no “beard” outside the entrance? If … Continue reading

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